Dr. Ashwini Kumar: An Entrepreneur with a Difference

Dr. Ashwini Kumar,,founder'Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference' - quoted Marie Forled. Not many take their entrepreneurial journey for this very reason, rather the other way round. But not Dr. Ashwini Kumar, a pharmaceutical industry veteran and the founder of CliniExperts a leading food, FSSAI, DGFT, drug import & export registration consultant in India. Though a MBBS and MD at AIIMS, the dire need to connect the dots between the needy patients and the medical centers through life-friendly, yet cost efficient medicinal innovations pushed Dr. Ashwini to alleviate the thoughts of owning a high-profile and noble profession of a doctor.

He Says, "Being A Mainstream Doctor Entails Falling Into A Humdrum Where Innovation Takes The Backseat And Monotony Of Diagnosing Patients Takes Precedence. Since My Childhood, I Have Been Groomed With The Aspirations Of Owning Something On Which I Can Feel A Sense Of Pride And Sharing With The Society At Large. Thus, I Chose The Path Of Exploring Avenues For Incorporating Innovation And
Ingenuity With The Existing Pharmaceutical Processes For Development Of Life Saving Drugs".

Dr. Ashwini roped in the best minds of the industry there by converting the generic road blocks into stepping stones to creates a reliable efficient and technically sound business

Grown up with the inspirations drawn from the autobiographies of bellwethers, Dr. Ashwini has successfully incarnated his dreams in his brainchild. Founded in 2009, CliniExperts is an aftermath of series of interactions with industry experts and rigorous research which was then transformed into strategic allies, thus laying a firm foothold to its today's avatar of industry pioneer. He then roped in the best minds of the industry, there by converting the generic roadblocks into stepping stones to create a reliable, efficient and technically sound business. The success mantra also lies in his ability to dig out the hidden opportunities, bind them with quality and craft it for the perfection, and he suggests the same to the budding entrepreneurs. "However, on the other side, my keen sense of consciousness regarding compromising on quality front tends to belittle a stellar effort, some times. Also, frenzied activities often take its toll on
health," proclaims Dr. Ashwini while emphasizing on his strength and weaknesses.

Family - A Pillar of Strength
It will not be an exaggeration to say that being a doctor has long been considered a dignified profession amongst the families of India. It was rather a common sight to see parents imposing their dreams on their child, owing to the overpowering thoughts of temporary crowns like money and status. Surprisingly, this was not the case with the family of Dr. Ashwini. In fact, they stood by him as the strongest pillars of his career. "My wife forsook her promising job as Manager Engineering in a Big Data Analytics Company to collaborate with me and lent her skillful support and prudence to give course to my entrepreneurial endeavors. She stays by my side through thick and thin," reminiscences Dr. Ashwini. According to him, celebrating fun moments with his family by spending his vacations with them at idyllic sea shores iselixir to his hectic work schedule. With music and cricket as his favorite pastimes and Goa's idyllic sea shores as his beloved destination, he is a marine and South Indian cuisines epicurean.

Steering Towards the World of Tomorrow
With such glories to his name, Dr. Ashwini looks forward to contribute towards the entrepreneur fraternity by setting up a pool of talented entrepreneurs and funding their startups. Apart from that, he also wishes to beget a forum that constantly extracts the potential entrepreneurs from the market and grooms them with the needed support.