EJT Group: One of the Fastest Flourishing HR Service Providers Creating Unparalleled Value for Clients

Sheetal Gupta,  Founder & CEO

Sheetal Gupta

Founder & CEO

EJT group, a global organisational consulting firm and an exclusive search firm partner to global IT product companies, ensures on working with clients to design an optimal organisation structured roles, along with responsibilities on their extended HR charter. Providing them with the right talent and advising them on how to reward and motivate their staff while developing professionals, they navigate and uplift their careers to reach an optimum level. EJT Group believes in providing end-to-end strategic solutions that help clients structure corporate processes and workflows. It headhunts the right set of talent at every level of the client's organisation by focusing more on employer branding and fitting their talents and culture to best suit the organisational need.

EJT began its journey in 2019 and has since developed exponentially, earning a reputation for itself in the business. The business which initially began with a few clients in the financial and IT sectors, has since expanded its client base in the field of media, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, entertainment, Expat hiring, finance, and banking sectors, on the domestic front within India and abroad.

EJT group, thus, helps in business transformation by providing clients with the right set of talents. It, being a fast-growing professional management and IT services provider in this space, caters to corporates, government, individuals, and other businesses. It has more than 20 years of experience in management, marketing, accounting, finance, project development, legal, and general company knowledge from which others might benefit. EJT is a group of skilled professionals with years of experience in HR consultancy services in various sectors and verticals, providing clients with unrivalled value by combining industry-leading consulting capabilities with comprehensive
staffing, recruitment, legal advisory and HR consulting services.

"We work with our clients exclusively in the best way to build and to provide them with the optimal organisational structure, roles, and responsibilities”, adds Sheetal Gupta, the Founder & CEO of the EJT Group.

We work with our clients exclusively in the best way to build and to provide them with the optimal organisational structure, roles, and responsibilities

EJT's main focus lies in its expertise on HR recruitment(specialisation in IT and Non-IT), talent management development, HR advisory, legal advisory, talent acquisition solutions, staffing and payroll outsourcing. EJT Group handles all top-level leadership/C-Suite hiring(from CEO to CTO) and does thorough research before presenting the needed prospects to clients. It examines the client requirements, the current market condition, and the required run on CTC ranges in the market for the specific portfolio or profile, and then manages the wages range accordingly. It believes in providing quality professional hiring to reputable firms in all fields including IT, Fintech, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Expat hiring, Chemical, Real Estate sector, E-Commerce sector, Media and Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing.

"As a Women Entrepreneur, I give opportunities to hire all the needy people and women employees who are supporting their home, especially the single mothers who are running their homes. Apart from that, this is something also as a corporate social responsibility that I do apart from hiring part. To provide opportunities to women employees as a platform to them so they can also work with me and I'm also looking out for providing jobs opportunities for women entrepreneurs elsewhere to the clients. This is a part of my corporate social responsibility. It is one of the things we especially do it's also about finding jobs for the needy people within the system. I believe they will be able to give more than 100 percent in work, and that's where I can look forward to having good productivity.

With the changing times, everything is becoming digital, with many organisations including e-Wallet banking. As a result, the market is vast, and enterprises like ours may expect to grow tenfold in the next two years” shares Sheetal.