Garima Choudhary: Learning & Un-Learning to Stay Ahead

Garima Choudhary,Co-FounderAlthough ‘entrepreneur’ is a gender-neutral word, more often than not, it is associated with a man. Primarily considered a male domain, the world of entrepreneurship reflects certain stereotypes that are prevalent in the society at large. Although we see more and more women foraying into the startup arena, the male to female ratio in the industry is highly skewed. In fact, a recent study concluded that of all the equity funding raised in 2017 in India, the share of women led startups was an abysmal two percent. With various mental barriers and prejudices to battle with, women entrepreneurs today struggle to be taken seriously. But many troopers are taking these challenges in their stride and marching on to build successful business entities from scratch.

Garima Choudhary, Co-Founder, Clickzmedia Services, a provider of cross-platform marketing solutions for mobile brands, is one such name. “I personally feel that as a woman, people expect you to fail quite quickly. I struggled with people not taking me seriously, but the more such incidents challenged me, the more motivated I felt to prove them all wrong,” says Garima. Fuelled by a desire to win, Garima has built one of the fastest growing startups that helps brands with anything and everything about mobile advertising. Three years into the industry, Clickz media has successfully helped a slew of clients attain their desired business goals in a cost-effective manner.

From Employment to Self-Employment
The seeds of venturing-out on her own had been sown in Garima’s conscious from the very beginning of her career. However, in order to first test the waters, the
experienced marketer worked at various capacities across several esteemed organizations such as Infomedia18, Infraline Energy, DGM and Amarujala. Garima also holds a degree in history from the prestigious Miranda House, Delhi. Fuelled by the spirit of fearlessness and independence that her Alma Mater developed in her and leveraging her nine-year industry experience, Garima ventured-out to found ClickZmedia Services in 2015.

Fuelled by a desire to win, Garima has built one of the fastest growing startups that helps brands with anything and everything about mobile advertising

Recounting the incidents that led her to found her company, Garima says, “It was during my tenure with (as a part of Network18 group) when I really wanted to start-out something which I could call my own and this dream later transpired into ClickZmedia Services”. Stepping beyond the 9-5 lifestyle and entering the world of entrepreneurship turned her life topsy-turvy. But she readjusted her perspective regarding her vision, approach to work and accountability to find her feet in the industry.

Drawing strength from her family, especially her mother, Garima has built a successful organization that holds the capability to tap into a massive in-app and mobile-optimized inventory by accessing over 80 million impressions every month. With a wide reach of over a million Android & iOS users across India, Clickzmedia today, boasts of over 200 managed quality publishers covering all models including CPM, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA & Mobile Registration campaigns.

Being Prepared for Success & Failure Alike
Entrepreneurship is no cakewalk and the journey is often laden with one challenge after the other. Garima believes that when it comes to being an entrepreneur, there is no scope for making
excuses. Given the amount of accountability involved in running a business, every single decision could be a potential game changer. With a sensible head on her shoulders, Garima takes decision-making very seriously and has understood that every risk that she undertake may or may not work in her favour. Looking at success and failure as inevitable part of her entrepreneurial journey, the astute businesswoman solely focuses on learning important lessons from each experience.

A free spirit at heart, Garima’s secret to success is her love for the freedom that being an entrepreneur presents to her. “I enjoy that fact that I am my own boss. It gives me a liberating feeling,” she says. “Unlike for the rest of the world, for an entrepreneur there is no defined path and I think that’s what makes this experience all the more exciting and fulfilling,” Garima adds. Although her journey has been a roller coaster, she relishes the ‘learn and unlearn’ nature of the industry.

Signing-off with encouraging words for budding entrepreneurs, Garima asserts that if your passion is your work, nothing can pull you down. There might be times when things don’t work out, but there are always a hundred other ways of solving a challenge, so being liberal and open to change are essential. Having braved every trial and tribulation that her entrepreneurial journey has thrown her way so far, Garima is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Key Management:
Garima Choudhary, Co-Founder
An earnest businesswoman, Garima leverages her deep industry insight to render cross-channel marketing solutions to mobile app brands. Counting performance marketing as one of her core strengths, she helps brands achieve business goals swiftly and in a cost-effective manner.

Office: Gurgaon
Offering: Cross-Channel Marketing Solutions to mobile app brands