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ShriKrishna Varadharajan & Dr.LN Rajaram,Co-Founders  Managing remote asset of any enterprise during the time of transportation, storage or even safeguarding valuable assets for that matter becomes very much crucial as these activities are bound to involve tampering, adulteration, misuse, or theft on a regular basis. Most organizations are in a dilemma because they do not have complete authority/control over their remote assets. Hence, it becomes imperative for organizations to take good care of their remote assets on a real-time basis. Moreover, real-time control on the asset enables an organization to utilize the asset more effectively thereby improving the RoI from the asset.
Ideally fitting into the picture is Chennai based KritiLabs that helps companies across verticals to effectively manage their remote assets on a real-time basis through their IOT security platform, ALS. Their proprietary IOT platform comes with custom solutions for different categories of assets including mobile assets like bulk trucks, package trucks and containers, static assets like warehouses, storage yards, strong rooms and portable assets like trunks, vaults and safes.

Customized Remote Asset Management Platform

Since its inception in 2012, KritiLabs has worked on the ALS platform to offer solutions for different domains including hydrocarbon, petrochemical, automobile and warehouses. The deployment of ALS platform in these domains ensures that the operations of the assets are based on business rules that are pre-defined or defined on a real-time basis through the ERP systems. The platform allows the operations to be managed flexibly through a mobile app from any geographic location.
Over the years, KritiLabs’ ALS - IoT security platform has helped various industries across segments in effectively managing their remote asset. “ALS platform provides an ideal solution for centralized control of remotely located assets like warehouses, fleets of trucks, depots, mobile towers and storage yards. With our rule-based operations, there are no keys to be maintained for the security of the assets. The entire operations are on the basis of OTP that is generated on the basis of business rules customized depending on the process followed by each organization. Also, operation alerts are sent to the administrator from the remote location whenever the asset is operated. In addition to this, the ALS platform allows multiple disparate products to be connected to the platform including intrusion detection systems, CCTV cameras that can be orchestrated from the server to effectively manage the remote assets,” says Srikrishna Vardharajan, Founder & Director, KritiLabs.

KritiLabs Technogies offers advanced, futuristic, cutting edge, state-of-the-art solutions through their ALS – IoT platform to their clients across industries including logistics, hydrocarbon, petro chemicals and warehouses. They are in the process of launching custom solutions in the ALS IOT platform for ATM- cash logistics, mining and other domains, where asset management plays an active role.
First of its kind, KritiLabs has patented the ALS IOT platform in India & USA. Throwing light on this, Srikrishna says “The traditional application development is driven by client needs. With IOT technology, there exist new possibilities of adding immense value to the client’s business in ways that they may not be aware of. Our engagements with clients, involve a deep understanding their business, operations and processes to devise solutions in the ALS platform that add significant value.”

Innovation & Continuous Learning

KritiLabs has mentors and consultants across different domains to devise
customized solutions for the particular domain. Team KritiLabs incorporates learning and innovation as a part of their daily activity and always add value to company’s growth. More than anything, all employees including the management are encouraged to participate in national and international conferences to understand the way IOT is evolving around the globe. Speaking on this, Dr.Rajaram, Co-Founder and Director says “IOT is evolving into a powerful platform that will change the way business operations around the world is carried out. It is important to define and follow standards when you are creating a technology platform.” Dr.Rajaram regularly gives lectures on IOT in leading technology forums. In fact, some of KritiLabs employees have been recognized and invited to be part of international conferences and share their experience in developing applications. “We are looking at newer domains within India and scaling up our operations to take our platform to other emerging markets. We are really happy when we hear the success stories from our customers on how the ALS platform is adding value to their operations.” concludes Srikrishna.

KritiLabs Technologies offers advanced, futuristic, cutting edge, state-of-the-art solutions through its IOT security platform, ALS to their clients across industries