Kwench Global Technologies: Employee Engagement Redefined

Prashant John,Co-Founder & CEO

Prashant John

Co-Founder & CEO

The definition of success for most executives comes down to profit or revenue levels, brand equity, or percent of market share. But to truly understand the key drivers for all aspects of business success, it is critical to examine and measure the true impetus - the employees. Employees are often the determining factor between successful companies and ones that never reach their potential. The difference; successful, admired companies have engaged employees.

Within the current framework of creating shared value that underlines much of corporate responsibility work today, employee engagement is singularly important. Harnessing the shared values of all employees, coupled with the values contained in the company’s culture and mission can not only lead to greater business success, but to inspired, productive, and highly impactful people. To be able to do all that, a process in place is highly required; one that can help to segment organization, collects data with the desired frequency, interprets that data and plans the necessary follow-up actions. Mumbai based Kwench Global Technologies intends to help organizations enhance their employee value proposition by providing end-to-end, innovative products and solutions to manage their employee engagement initiatives.

A next-generation cloud based employee engagement platform that enables companies to engage their workforce through various offerings that cater to their professional and personal needs, Kwench was incepted with a clear focus on providing a complete ‘stack’ of Employee Engagement solutions to companies. Throwing light on, Prashant John, Co-founder, Kwench, speaks, “When we started off, social and mobile had pretty low adoption - especially in the corporate world. That has changed dramatically in the past few years and we were well positioned to take advantage of the transformation. Now our clients have realized the power of how technology can help drive people-analytics and have a direct
impact on business metrics and our largest clients who themselves operate on the cutting edge of technology are driving our investments in AI, ML to usher in the next wave of capabilities in this space.”

Enhancing Employee Value Proposition

Best known to leverage technology to solve burning problems that companies have in Employee Engagement, Kwench’s products are built to leverage Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) technologies to deliver an exciting, seamless and powerful solution for HR and Senior Management to drive their Employee Engagement programs. The team is currently working on incorporating ML and AI into their products to empower their clients to better engage with their workforce globally. Needless to say, the Kwench Employee Engagement Platform provides employers a high degree of customization, company visibility and branding. “The Employee Engagement product model we follow is loosely modeled on the Maslow’s Heirarchy. Our products are designed around the unique requirements of our clients in India. We have seen time and again that approaches to aspects like Employee Engagement need to factor in social and cultural norms and need a reasonably deep understanding of the cultural psyche. So just blindly copying and trying to graft what works in the US/Europe on to companies in India doesn’t work very well. Our products reflect our respect and understanding of how large (and small) organizations work in India and are at the end of the day focused on outcomes,” explains Prashant.

Staying nimble, adaptive and responsive to deliver solutions that alleviate the unique engagement challenges Indian companies face with their workforce, team Kwench offers solutions that include Rewards and Recognition Platform - a cloud based R&R platform that enables companies to implement global, workflow based, data driven programs practically overnight, Channel Incentives that is designed to help companies engage with their business partners and better manage the sales incentive programs, Corporate Library - a paradigm shift to the concept of conventional corporate library where companies can provide their employees access to thousands of books, magazines, audio books across 40+ categories. “Our flagship offering is
advanced Rewards and Recognition platform which leverages technology to empower HR and Leadership teams to better engage with their workforce and is used by companies to engage their workforce in over 63 countries. The corporate library solution was our first offering and was born out of an unmet need we saw for companies to be able to offer their employees access to an efficient, well updated and easy to use library platform,” he mentions.

Best known to leverage technology to solve burning problems that companies have in Employee Engagement, Kwench’s products are built to leverage Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) technologies

Success, and Nothing Less

With TechMahindra, YES Bank, CSC, Delphi, AON, Mahindra and Mahindra being some of the illustrious clients, Kwench today employs over 100 associates across India. The company is associated with 450+ top companies in India and across industry verticals who use one or more of offerings on the Kwench platform to increase the job satisfaction of their employees through increased engagement. “We entered the Employee Engagement technology space in India when it was just a side-mention for most organizations. We have strived to be market leaders in the domains we entered and will continue to work towards maintaining that position. There are lots of exciting developments in technology that can be leveraged to provide companies much more insights and predictive capabilities towards engagement and we are working on bringing those to the market,” concludes Prashant enthusiastically.