Pawan Sharma: A Driven Youngster Steering a Stellar Team

Pawan Sharma,Co-Founder & Director

Pawan Sharma

Co-Founder & Director

Difficult times truly test the mettle of both the company and the entrepreneur. But as Robert Byrne, the eminent American author once said, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. Serving as this quote’s perfect archetype, Pawan Sharma (Co-Founder & Director, Rays Power Infra) began climbing the entrepreneurial mountain with a lofty goal, and the determination of making a dent in the solar industry, instead of taking the much travelled route.

Why the sun, with its almost limitless resource, was not utilized as a viable energy source to power up many regions in India reeling under darkness? This basic question compelled the budding engineers, Pawan & Ketan Mehta (Co-Founder & Director) to explore the sector’s abundant opportunities. Though Rays Power Infra (RPI) was incepted in 2011 with a little over a Lakh in capital and fire in the duo’s belly, the company’s cornerstone had already been laid in IIT-Roorkee labs under the tutelage of his esteemed professors who spent months working on the DC side design engineering for RPI.

Rising Above Ebbs & Flows

Pawan’s fixation on personally ensuring the rapid execution and timely completion of projects along with his team’s robust technical foundation played a major role in setting RPI’s brand apart from competition very early on. Albeit he was confident that their efforts would bear fruit soon, the team marked its entry in the sector, when RPI took over execution work from WIPRO in 2011 and achieved the challenging target before deadline. Today having clocked a whopping Rs.400 crores in revenue along with 200+ employees spread across Jaipur, Hyderabad & Delhi, Pawan feels
gratified, as RPI is rubbing shoulders with conglomerates like TATA and Mahindra for the top spot in market. Hence, he suggests promising entrepreneurs to choose their aim with strong will power, take the first step without any fear and give their 100 percent to every task till accomplishing the target.

Pawan is a simple and down-to-earth personality, who is keen on maintaining transparency and zero gap between on-ground team and top management

“When you feel low, just remember the reason why you started. Think about your core vision in life. It will energize you and steer you towards the right direction,” avows Pawan. The satisfaction of rising above various ebbs and flows as a team to touch various milestones has strengthened his confidence in his team’s capabilities and has inspired to take up more challenging work. For instance, when a 55MW project in UP seemed impossible to execute according to deadlines due to the terrible condition of the commissioned land, Pawan perceived it as a learning experience and surmounted the hurdles to uphold RPI’s reputation. Being a good listener helps him to figure out solutions to critical problems. Pawan’s emotional nature can be his soft spot as an entrepreneur, but he never allows it to eclipse his goals.

His organization is not only improving the country’s energy security and fiscal deficit, but also provides access to India’s remotest villages that have been devoid of electricity for so long. Creating such social impact keeps thrusting him to go through both good and bad situations. Pawan deems his partner & family as his biggest support, and also has complete faith in himself to accomplish even the most difficult projects effortlessly. “I appreciate the sacrifices my family has made so that I could become the person I am today. I’m thankful to
all those who have been with me in my journey towards success, and hope to do the same for them,” says an impassionate Pawan. Denizing in a sector, where each assignment need to monitored on an hourly basis(minimum 14 hours daily) to achieve his target, he hasn’t taken any vacations over the past five years. However, he incorporates his fitness regime with work activities like walking almost 8-10 km onsite and is currently trying to manage some time for himself.

Spearheading a Stellar Team

Pawan is a simple and down-to-earth personality, who is keen on maintaining transparency and zero gap between on-ground team and top management. Moreover, organizing regular meetings at site has always helped RPI to complete projects in time and reduce the risk of increasing project cost. Inspiring and motivating employees towards constant learning and self-improvement, he lays great emphasis on building the right conditions for the best talent so they can thrive and contribute meaningfully to fulfil their shared objective – company’s growth. He empowers them to be creative in their own functions, since Pawan is confident that creativity allows one to devise interesting processes that can work optimally

Aspiring to create more employment opportunities for promising individuals, Pawan aims to create a PAN-India ground mounted IPP portfolio of 2.0GW to emerge as one of India’s largest solar IPP players, while achieving 1.5GW of rooftop IPP portfolio (residential, commercial &institutional) to become the market leader in Indian solar rooftop space – all by FY2022. The company also intends to become India’s No.1 third party turnkey solar project solution provider, with cumulative execution of solar projects totalling 2.5GW and achieve a market leading position of 6.0GW across ground mounted, rooftop and project development streams. “It is this logical end – the sun powering the world – for which we have set out to do our part in ensuring a bright future for all,” concludes a determined Pawan.