Pirai Infotech: Offering Seamless Cloud Modernization, and DevOps Transformation Services

 Gokul,  Founder and Chief Executive


Founder and Chief Executive

The business landscape has been transformed by digitization to a large extent. Optimally utilizing resources and automating workload have inherently become crucial for all enterprises in today’s day and age. Integrated business technologies have witnessed rapid growth which has made it easy for entrepreneurs to stay in sync with the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences. As a consequence, Cloud automation solutions are being embraced by businesses to align themselves with consumer expectations. What was once a value addition in enterprises has become essential services for both Enterprise and SME worlds in order to stay relevant in the industry.

Aptly positioned in this space is team Pirai, who specializes in cloud transformation and automation their experience in Datacenter Design & Implementation gives them a cuttind edge over others when it comes to how an Enterprise Infrastructure is and what it takes to modernize and take advantage of the best of modern day cloud features. As we all understand the agility and flexibility that a cloud platform brings to the business and technical teams Pirai specializes in owning the End-to-End transformation of the given Infrastructure and Application stack.

The value that the team Pirai can bring to the table is their experience and exposure to the different types of complexities both in terms of the Size of the assets that can be transformed and the technology stack that can be transformed before transporting to
the cloud world. Founded in 2017, Pirai Infotech is rapidly expanding in Malaysia, UK, USA and Indian markets with New Zealand on the cards soon.

According to Gokul, the Founder and Chief Executive, “Looking at the bigger picture of how IT industry is ramping up, Cloud Adoption and DevOps transformation will become indispensable. The way we see the need of these niche areas, we have many opportunities and potential innovations to unravel in this space. To tap this potential, we are building a strong team with the right mix of experience and energetic engineers, and we could already see the results in the way we are building the confidence of our clients across the geographies.

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We are looking at a 100+ certified and well-equipped professionals by the end of this quarter who will be available for our engagements with current and new clients. Our USP in build a team with relative ease must be attributed to our unique strategy of identify, train, and transform process and establishing flexible work spaces in Tier– 2/3 Cities across different geographies.

The result of our delivery excellence has positively pushed us to spin off quite a few verticals and services that Clients expect us to take ownership as it will add value to whatever we are delivering them. We have been asked to expand and offer Services like Security Compliance, Data Services, Performance Engineering Services and niche development services. So, that could be a pointer to budding companies who are strategizing their expansions and service offerings.

As far as we can see, team Pirai’s experience in handling the Application and data workloads across different platforms (onpremise and Cloud) and their focus on building Automated frameworks will result in an outage free, consistent environment where development and Infrastructure efficiency can be maximized. All of their innovative ways of offering solutions are firmly tied to the ITIL compliance thereby ensuring their agility is aligned with the stability. With DevOps, they firmly believe that the key to successful Devops Adoption is to enable delivery with minimal impact to the current way of delivery workflows. Pirai also strives to integrate the operational silos which is the basic ingredient to succeed in any Devops adoption. Their 3-step approach to all their clients requesting for Devops transformation is Understand, Automate and Educate.