Rajat Sharma: A Legend of Indian Telecom Revolution

Rajat Sharma,Co-Founder & Director

Rajat Sharma

Co-Founder & Director

Two decades back when the subcontinent conversed its first ‘hello’ through a hand held mobile phone or ‘Hi’ through a Pager, the telecom industry was just lazing up, which then delivered its historic & revolutionary sprint. Came along was a bunch of passionate leaders like Rajat Sharma who laid the platform for the first network rollouts in our country. A pioneer who acquainted the country with the latest technologies in the field of Telecom like Radio Trunking Systemsand implemented first Customer Owned Paging Systemsin India, Rajat (Co-Founder & Director, Money On Mobile) belongs to such breed of entrepreneurs who takes pride in implementing the novel technologies rather than having a deep pocket for their ventures. Post two decades from where he began, today, he is leading the second mobile revolution of the country through MoneyOnMobile – one of India’s largest mobile payment platforms.

Conducting a Revolution

Rajat’s life-story is no Marvel’s script, but an anecdote of ebb and flow, learning from failures and building an empire with signature in every single block cemented. He didn’t dream of a future that ‘donates’ success. Instead, Rajat set life-goals, and kept the wheel rolling without any respite from his Engineering days. He kick started his career in handling the Businesses for the Associates of Motorola Inc., in 1994, and maneuvered forward with a revolutionary mind.

Ambitious people often voyage in pursuit of the challenges. So did Rajat who on-boarded the mission of rolling out Motorola’s wireless network across India in the 90s. Rajat’s team formulated, portrayed, and executed the blueprint flawlessly without sparing a dot, which was paid off with a burgeoning professional career for him, and a greater mission of having more responsibilities and enhancing what he had implemented till date. “We had the time of our lives while
delivering the Motorola Solutions with some of the best technology practices,” elucidates Rajat.

Post two decades from where he began, today, he is leading the second mobile revolution of the country through MoneyOnMobile

Post that learning curve, Rajat served 03 yrs at Vantel Technologies Ltd. (as the Country Head) and in turn got engaged in the research, development, delivery, & maintenance of IT,Carrier & Access telecom solutions. He handled various departments, right from technology to accounts, legal compliance, marketing and operations. “In the learning phase of my career, I addressed multifarious challenges on a daily basis, and that surged my confidence level to become an entrepreneur & execute my own plans with the utmost freedom,” he adjoins.

Among many implementations under his belt, a surveillance & call monitoring system for the Leading CDMA Telecom service provider in Hyderabad which was used by AP Police &Other Law enforcing agencies.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Investing his passion & experience, Rajat incepted his first venture – TAS Management in 2005 which introduced the cost effective Technologies which helped the Inbound & Out bound Call Centre services across the country. And after five more years, he on-boarded the MoneyOnMobile journey in June 2010 at Mumbai, which swiftly engendered a steely testing epoch in his entrepreneurial career. After acquiring an operating license from the RBI, MoneyOnMobile facilitated buying of products and services, including banking and financial services, in an easier and more convenient way.

The lucid vision of concepts & a complete roadmap to the future steered Rajat in the up thrust, while 15 years of industry know-how pointed him the yellow brick road to the eternal success. He knew the exact influx sources, and what it takes to convince them. Rajat’s reputation also played a crucial knock in MoneyOnMobile achieving enough funds, which eventually resolved the talent dearth.
It is a matter of great pride for Rajat today to see Brand MoneyOnMobile, which he nurtured with so much passion and enthusiasm; fructify to the position of being one of India’s largest mobile payment platforms today with a remarkable reach in the remotest parts of the country. MoneyOnMobile’s core belief lies in providing service to the un banked and the under banked consumers by the means of financial inclusion and self-dependence; by enabling domestic money remittances, mobile recharges, utility bill payments and much more, effortlessly. Over 170 million unique customers have had payments made easier through MoneyOnMobile’s over 330,000 retail merchants across India.

It has always been his continuous endeavor to ensure that MoneyOnMobile constantly innovates to provide a range of unique solutions, by the means of a simple SMS, Apps & Web Portal. The relationship the company cultivates with its retailer fraternity differentiates MoneyOnMobile in the marketplace today.

Family – the Backbone

Turning the pages back, risks were an integral part of Rajat’s journey. He says, “Credit goes to my family especially my wife as they offered unconditional support in every step forward. Apart from them, I have been lucky enough to have an ecosystem of motivating & supportive friends”. Even though professional commitments win the race often, today, Rajat finds time to spend with his family & friends, especially with his kids. Driving & dissolving in music being his hobbies, he often goes for long drives on weekends. Though a busy entrepreneur, Rajat is highly health conscious.

“My journey was a mix of highs & lows, and this unpredictability excites me always. Throughout the 23 years of my profession, I have never distinguished between my corporate life and entrepreneurial life, because I have been working in the same way & discipline. I travel abreast of technology through reading magazines, journals & other platforms,” says Rajat. He defined the procedures for himself and followed them with a long term vision, which eventually lead to success. Today, along with blueprints to take MoneyOnMobile to the next level, he is well committed in pouring his experience to the next generation, through The Hyderabad Entrepreneurs Club(T.H.E) – a forum for young talented, like minded entrepreneurs.