Ravi K Meruva: Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur Staying True to His Roots

Ravi K Meruva, Founder & Chairman

Ravi K Meruva

Founder & Chairman

The spirit of entrepreneurship sprouts from the fact that each individual loves to be their own boss, decision maker, risk taker and intellectual property creator. This is are markable anecdote of one such passionate multi-dimensional person, who has been running two organizations in two continents (USA& India) in two differentiated fields with an experience of over 22 years in electro chemical Sensors & Analytical Instrumentation field. Dr. Ravi K Meruva - Founder &Chairman of Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.& Iconsoft Inc.,embraced Ph.D. from University of Michigan, Master of Science from IIT-Chennai and has four US Patents, 15 publications in International Scientific Journals.

Begun his entrepreneurial adventure in 1998 with Iconsoft, a premier Information Systems Services Firm, Ravi's voyage was fraught with backbreaking hindrances. Bootstrapped and bankrolled his entire venture with personal financing until the company achieved positive income to supportits own operations, Ravi expounds, "Running Iconsoft through two recession cycles (2001 & 2008)
has taught me, how to weather different phases of the business cycle, how to place the company for growth during expansion & how to consolidate during the contraction". His liaison with his workers is genuinely smooth, as he provides the license to intellectual freedom to them while enduring the financial backlash if the concept fails or misfires. Ravi also regards both his associations as a troupe of freelancers under one corporate umbrella.

Being one of the illustrious business visionaries in diverse fields ravi believes that the foundation takes the longest time and is the most imperceptible part of the building

Apart from being a well-built industrialist who has established a strong foothold in today's cutthroat loam, Ravi is a sensitive soul, who adores his hometown Hyderabad and loves Dum Biryani, chai, panipuri & sweet pan at the corner store in summer and corn cob on charcoal in monsoon spell. Driven by the passion of making a difference and giving back to the community as a person and as an entrepreneur. Ravi feels blessed to have a magnificent family, which tolerates his anxieties, put brakes when required and allows him to accelerate when needed and above all facilitates him to have balanced work & family time. "My wife and kids have been my harshest critics, who keep me grounded as close to reality as humanly possible," quips Ravi.
Emergence of Sensa Core
Concerning the grand success of Sensa Core, he elucidates, "Every time I visited hospitals, I would see products from abroad. The products might have an Indian label, but the core product was still imported and manufactured abroad". Detecting this titan gap, Sensa Core was conceived by him. Having introduced India's first Electrolyte analyzer, ABG/Electrolyte and no-coding Glucose Measuring System, his brainchild is today in the elite club dominated by U.S. and European bellwether companies.The company that has a robust customer base of 4500 Clinics/Diagnostics labs/Hospitals across 20 countries and growing at a splendid 80 percent annually and aspires to be a one-stop solution for all diagnostics needs by 2020.

Being one of the illustrious business visionaries in diverse fields, Ravi believes that the foundation takes the longest time and is the most imperceptible part of the building.Hence, he stated, "Higher the building a person wants to raise, stronger and deeper the foundation needs to be. Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand the small and big pictures and have a strong financial discipline and persuasive mindset". Today, under his headship, Sensa Core has accomplished miracles with its petite yet unfathomably efficient R&D team. With a keen eye on affordability and product features, Ravi is bringing niche and premium products, like ABG/Electrolyte analyzer within the reach of every clinic, diagnostics center and hospitals.