Shriganesh Bansod: A First-generation Entrepreneur Driven by Passion

Shriganesh Bansod,Managing Director

Shriganesh Bansod

Managing Director

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.” Over the years, these aesthetic words by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam have ignited the spark in many of the young minds in our country. At an early age, Shriganesh Bansod – a passion-driven entrepreneur, was paying his sleep to such a dream – Entrepreneurship! From being a financially secured bank employee, he came out of the apprehension-aura to venture IBG Fincon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2012 (inherited from Innovative Business Group), which currently is the only organization in India that has filed a patent on business financial planning application. Shriganesh’s powerful vision and his ability to distill it down to actionable tactics along with his do-or-die attitude helped IBG Fincon to write many rollicking achievement stories in a shorter span of time.

Shriganesh’s unique work paradigm and his incessant endeavors to change & grow have already attracted attention from various industrial and government bodies, and earned recognition & accolades from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion and All India Achievers Foundation (Indian Leadership award for Industrial Development in 2015). Along side, his innovative leadership and laser focus helped IBG Fincon to become one of the recognized members of the Startup India initiative by the Government of India.

A Start from the Scratch

A first-generation entrepreneur & philanthropist, Shriganesh’s story is quite inspiring. His entrepreneurial voyage takes us back to his childhood where you can find a small boy selling coconuts with entrepreneurial dreams. That’s when his vein started dripping with entrepreneurial blood. And it got wild and agitated with the passing years in his adult life.
Post schooling, he wasted no time and in fact cracked a job in ICICI Bank. And a few years later, Shriganesh completed his graduation from the Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune, and waited for his golden moment to start a business; mean while he sharpened his knowledge & gained know-how in the industry through working with many other renowned banks like Kotak Mahindra & HDFC.“When I was working in the BFSI sector, I was bound with a 4000-5000 people strong clientele. In fact, that rapport has been crucial in building a prestigious customer ecosystem for my organization,” elucidates Shriganesh.

Shriganesh knew first-hand, and had a deeper knowledge of what the consumer needs, and delivering it much before the competitors is the key to capture market

All through the years, Shriganesh kept himself on the front-line of action through taking responsibilities, producing results, building relationships, challenging the norms, failing, and experimenting, but finding out the apt solutions for every challenge & situation. However, in the process, he also ensured and maintained an interlace relationship with his peers and subordinates that have merited him a dignified place in their hearts and also in the business world.

In virtue of never ending thirst to start a business, the perfect moment came in 2012 when he ventured IBG Fincon by clutching his decade spanning know-how in the industry. And within a couple of years, the company marched into success. Shriganesh knew first-hand, and had a deeper knowledge of what the consumer needs, and delivering it much before the competitors is the key to capture market. Drawing inspiration from business tycoons like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata and Shantanu rao Kirloskar, Shriganesh relentlessly worked on IBG Fincon, eventually building it to the only organization in India that has filed a patent on business financial planning application – Computer Implemented System & Methods for Business Financial Planning.
Today, spreading as a 200 + people strong squad behind Shriganesh, which walks the talks without fail, IBG Fincon has secured the trust of thousands of independent businesses, startup companies and MSMEs, and is functional in various cities of Maharashtra, with plans to spread PAN India without much delay. Always involved in carving talents and next generation entrepreneurs, Shriganesh has started IBG Academy, through which he guides fresh & inexperienced talents to match the business needs and also encourages them to on-board entrepreneurship.

Tackling Challenges

Shriganesh’s risk taking capability while still maintaining the calmness has been phenomenal. He never lets his team know the heat, instead trains them thoroughly and ensures that their requirements are met on time. Entrepreneurial journey is all about forming a collective initiative and solving the challenges. At one point, Shriganesh even ended up with a predicament where he dreadfully lacked enough talents in his team. “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” these words by Paulo Coelho stay close to Shriganesh’s life. His wife, who was a teacher, quit her job and came to rescue him by taking care of all the backend operations of the company. “Even though initially my family was not aligned with my dream & plans, now they offer immense support. In return, I never leave them apart and spend ample time with them,” adds Shriganesh.

Driven by Passion

“Till a certain period of time, I was literally detached from my personal life and hobbies as I was working 80 -90 hours a week to take my entrepreneurial dreams to another level and to build an organization in its true sense. And today I love my life, in virtue of having a pleasant livelihood since I work for my passion,” adds Shriganesh. Shriganesh is passionate about running, and has completed 200KM of Marathon run. He also participated in KARGIL INTERNATIONAL MARATHON – Run for Sarhad to pay tribute to Kargil war heroes. A down-to-earth person who prefers ‘Indian Food’ even in his favorite abroad holiday destinations, Shriganesh is also a gadget-lover who likes to have all the new arrivals in the section. His modus operandi for business and life is simple yet very distinctive - ‘Whatever you do, be different. If you’re different, you will stand out’.