Shweta Desale: Breaking Norms to Script Her Success Story

Shweta Desale,Managing Director
Shweta Desale,Managing Director

The skewed gender ratio in the Indian workforce has always been a point of concern for the economy. Although more women are entering the work sphere, yet a woman’s choice of profession is still largely governed by out dated societal norms. While occupations such as teaching, nursing, media and others are considered women friendly, however, there is still stigma attached to women wanting to enter physically intensive fields that have traditionally been dominated by men. Breaking these gender stereotypes one at a time is Shweta Desale, Founder & MD, Earth HVAC, a provider of design and execution services in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation& Air Conditioning) sector. Having embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in a field which did not have many female stakeholders, Shweta is rewriting the rules of the game.

Armed with ample industry experience, the young entrepreneur laid the foundation of Earth HVAC in 2017. The specialist organization has built expertise in rendering design, supply, installation, commissioning and validation solution in the HVAC sector. Fuelled by Shweta’s strong work ethic, the young organization has become a fast growing company and is successfully solving critical challenges faced by clients.

Proving Naysayers Wrong
Entrepreneurship is a path laden with challenges galore, but the difficulties multiply for women entrepreneurs; Shweta’s foray into the HVAC sector was no different. “Initially I had to struggle with people’s negative views that a young girl couldn’t possibly survive in the market. In fact many used to assume that I must be having backbone support, since they believed that running operation in the sector of HVAC was not a woman’s cup of tea,” says Shweta. Undeterred by the negative voices around her, the spirited business woman chose to let her work speak for itself. She believed that her growth and achievements would change people’s views. Hence, she persevered to turn her
dream into reality.

In the initial days, issues pertaining to finance, workplace and manpower posed as a major roadblock for Shweta. Having founded the company on her own, Shweta had to function as a one woman army and learn how to handle every aspect of the business. A quick learner and driven by her passion to succeed, Shweta brought the situation under control within a few months. Today, Earth HVAC functions as a well-oiled machinery.

"Having founded the company on her own, Shweta had to function as a one woman army and learn how to handle every aspect of the business"

Drawing from Prior Experience
Experience, they say, is the best teacher and rightly so. A BE graduate in the stream of Instrumentation and Control from the prestigious Dr. D Y Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune, Shweta has worked in the HVAC sector for over seven years at various capacities. Her professional life began at Pyramid Filter, which later came to be known as Freudenberg Filtration India Pvt. Ltd. She then shifted to Trans Tech Turnkey - an organisation in the HVAC Project field and this move turned out to be the turning point in Shweta’s career.

“Being a Project Engineer, I had to travel too far off worksites. It was this practical field experience that helped me understand the ground realities of the HVAC industry. I will always be thankful to my PMO and team from Tran Tech as they always supported me and believed that I could successfully deliver critical projects on time,” explains Shweta. Although the judicious entrepreneur switched two more jobs, the allure of starting an organization on her own was growing stronger by the day. Armed with ample practical experience, Shweta finally decided to bite the bullet and start her own venture in 2017. She still holds the day of the company’s incorporation very close to her heart. “I can never forget the rush of excitement I felt when on 2ndJanuary I handed over the documentation for the incorporation of Earth HVAC,” Shweta reminisces. There has been no looking back for her since and Shweta is fast transforming into a seasoned leader.

Inspired by Strong Female Role Models
The criticality of having a strong support system to back one up
cannot be overstated. The role played by positive voices of support in the lives of an entrepreneur becomes even more important. Shweta believes that her mother has been the biggest source of strength and courage in her entrepreneurial endeavour. “My family, especially my mother has always been my backbone. My decision to take up entrepreneurship is entirely dedicated to my mother and all of my life’s achievements have been made possible only because of her undying encouragement,” says Shweta. The powerhouse of determination also speaks about the significant role played by Kriti Kelkar, MD, Freudenberg Filtration India in motivating Shweta to beleive in herself. Holding her in high regards, Shweta believes that witnessing Kriti in action taught the young businesswoman various professional values that she still carries with her today. The strong leader now hopes that her journey would inspire other women to believe in their dreams and would render them the courage to venture into any field of their liking.

A problem solver by nature, Shweta upholds efficiency time management as a critical prerequisite to success. Not believing in working unnecessarily for long hours, she maintains a perfect work life balance. A simple woman leading a simple life, Shweta’s fitness mantra is eating homemade food. The self-confessed voracious reader, Shweta also relishes spending time amongst nature and counts Paris, Amsterdam and Kashmir among her most favourite holiday destinations. A believer in every individual’s unique set of virtues, she advises budding entrepreneurs to have undying faith in their abilities. Counting perseverance as an imperative virtue, Shweta’s journey is a true testament to her determination and grit.

Key Management
Shweta Desale,Founder& Managing Director
A gifted leader and problem solver by nature, Shweta ensures solutions that are high in quality and adhere by all government and industry regulations. Leveraging her practical industry experience, she is leading Earth HVAC into an accelerated phase of growth.

Office: Pune
Offerings: Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Validation of HVAC systems