Smitha Murthy: Resolute & Impulsive Entrepreneur Breaking Industry Barriers

Smitha Murthy ,Founder & Director

Smitha Murthy

Founder & Director

A significant attribute that segregates young entrepreneurs from the herd is their appetite for taking risk. When this risk is a precipitate of meticulous calculations and expert guidance, the universe gains another gleaming star as an entrepreneur who can shatter a hitherto unbreakable industry barrier with an ingenious solution. One such problem solver is Smitha Murthy, Founder & Director, Credora Life Sciences, which is the only comprehensive biotechnology solution provider in Karnataka, focused at Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer and infectious diseases.

Always wanted to contribute back to the society, Smitha aspired to become a doctor. Since she fell short, she chose the biotech field and attained her engineering stripes in New Horizon College, and fortified it with a Masters Degree in Molecular Medicine fromThe University of Sheffield (London), where she encountered several passionate youngsters who dropped out of college and leveraged the good exposure to employ immense effort to chase their dreams and became successful entrepreneurs. She is currently pursuing PhD in Human Genetics from Madras University. This thrust Smitha to learn from the entrepreneurial workshops organized frequently by the student union at Sheffield University.

But what really unearthed her entrepreneurial spirit brimming just below the surface is her tenure as a Research Assistant at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, where the newly instigated R&D facility for Oncology department had her perform many research activities on paper than the lab. Hence, instead of cribbing about not having the opportunity to build a bridge between research and translational medicine, Smitha determined to start her own venture in 2012 to address the need of the hour.Fortunately, her
parents didn’t extinguish her entrepreneurial fire with ‘whys’ but fuelled it to achieve it effectively.

My family and friends believed in me more than what I could do. I don’t consider myself successful but wherever I am, this is what keeps me going

Many such decisions she made for the right reasons has fast tracked Credora’s growth. Today standing tall as a rapidly growing company that constantly branches out on diverse verticals, the company has misfired in a couple of endeavours – the failure of HPB detection kit project is one amongst them. Never the less, Smitha perceives it as a part of her journey which could lead Credora to success later on. “It is human tendency to get upset with failures. But with unswerving focus, we should stick on to our mission without giving up at any point of time,” proclaims Smitha. Her husband encourages her to pursue the ideas she comes up with on a daily basis and performs a postpartum with her in case it doesn’t go in the right way.

“My family and friends believed in me more than what I could do. I don’t consider myself successful but wherever I am, this is what keeps me going,” states a humble Smitha. A believer in the Law of Attraction (goals set in mind’s eye will be achievable if you take massive action with a focus on positive thoughts),she suggests fellow entrepreneurs not to lose focus on their ultimate vision.“Rather than attempting to leap to bigger milestones and getting discouraged in case of failure, set smaller milestones. Investing our self completely with a positive attitude will take us places. If we want others to have 100 percent faith in us, we must have 500 percent faith in ourselves. Nobody can believe your vision as hard as you’ve visualized,” she further adds.

Raised to be strong and independent from the beginning, Smitha is a positive, confident and trustworthy entrepreneur with clarity who surrounds herself with positive people. “Entrepreneurial spirit lies in the attitude of carrying along fearlessly. It takes a lot to break me down,”avows Smitha.
She strongly believes that women are inherently blessed with qualities like multitasking, while she deems that her temperament could be a foible at times.

A nocturnal person, Smitha’s mornings start with a hotchpotch of hurried routines. Nonetheless, she finds 30 minutes amidst it to do exercise or Yoga to accelerate her energy level. Her iWatch further keeps her motivated to stay on the fitness regime. Apart from reading books, this Kathakdancer, who is also an amateur singer wishes to spend her free time listening to music, however the sleepoholic within her almost always takes over the leisure time.

Galvanizing Creativity

No matter how trivial a task is, Smitha thinks of diverse ways to accomplish it in a better manner. She takes pride in being an entrepreneur, which permits her to visualize an idea and translate into a tangible achievement. Smitha doesn’t recommend a standard routine to her peers, since that would bog down their growth. She motivates them to pursue a flexible practice that is comfortable for them and galvanizes them to think creatively and groom that idea – a beneficial practice for both Credora and its workforce.

Smitha poises Credora well networked with medical professionals & clinics across Karnataka and maintains a relationship with fellow entrepreneurs. “Until & unless you know what your colleagues are doing, you can’t figure out where you are,” remarks Smitha.She is confident that reading and interacting with other entrepreneurs who have already reached their desired destinations to learn from their successes and failures, would add abundant value.Credora strives to make significant contribution to find Biotechnological solutions to Cervical Cancer and Neurode generative diseases.En route to achieve her goal of being one of the top players in the personalized healthcare field in the next five years, the company is developing a competitive, sizable and an affordable product.Smitha is also launching a genomic screening company called Avrio, which mainly focuses on fertility screening and lifestyle disorders. With sheer determination, Smitha is confident about achieving this feat.