Sneha Sahasrabuddhe: A Risk Taker with a Visionary Approach

Sneha Sahasrabuddhe,Co-Founder & Proprietor
Sneha Sahasrabuddhe, Co-Founder

Bioinformatics is a revolutionary field that amalgamates two contrasting worlds of technology and biology, which holds the key to several world issues like healthcare, famine and many others that have plagued the global think tanks for years. Being a part of such intrinsic and constantly evolving industry requires one to be highly calculative and also mind the fragile nature of biological fundamentals. Sneha Sahasrabuddhe, Co-Founder, Kovid BioAnalytics(with Kovid translating to Expert in Sanskrit)epitomizes this balance with her academic proficiency, core industrial understanding and innate business acumen that fortify the Indian informatics with evolutionary practices and vision.

A post-graduate in Bioinformatics from Bioinformatics Centre, University of Pune, Sneha was quick to learn the ropes. With the independence to learn diverse subjects and dwell in research-based studies, Sneha picked up the nuances of bioinformatics better than anybody else. This helped her focus on and experiment with various facets of domains that interested her - a practice that continues to help her diversify her work and constantly bring something new to the table. Post her graduation, Sneha’s first corporate experience with Persistent Systems taught her the nitty-gritties of business interactions and client relationship. Fine tuning her skills in client interaction as well as business analysis provided an enthusiastic Sneha a sound experience in business management, right at the inception of her career.

Learning Culminated to Entrepreneurship
The idea to culminate her learning so far into her very own enterprise led to the bootstrapped foundation of Kovid, which she co-founded with her husband Mandar Sahasrabuddhe. The seeds of entrepreneurship were planted in
Sneha’s mind at a very tender age by her family of self-made individuals. She recalls,“Whenever I visited my parents’ office as a kid, I would admire the way they handled the office affairs and I used to think of doing the same one day”. Moreover, a memorable speech by her grandfather elucidating on how a common man can become a successful entrepreneur with the right efforts and dedication further strengthened her resolve to become an entrepreneur.

" Starting out with two used laptops and a couple of work stations, the first two years taught Sneha a lot about judicious usage of resources and capital"

This inspiration paved way for an arduous journey. Starting out with two used laptops and a couple of work stations, the first two years taught Sneha a lot about judicious usage of resources and capital. With her highly meticulous and organized nature, the company not only managed to sail through the rough tide but also started experiencing an influx of investment and famed clientele. Today catering to clients across the US, Europe & Canada, Kovid facilitates them with genomics & proteomics data analysis, clinical data management and outsourced product development.

What started as a sole service provider for bioinformatics and NGS data analytics eventually ventured into the clinical informatics domain with its proprietary product in clinic management. Under Sneha’s watchful eye, the team took the risk of investing into clinical data management from their coffers. This huge but calculated risk reaped the fruits of labour and gave way to the launch of Kovid’s eDhanvantari, a dynamic clinic management system based on the open source model. The development of such a product leap frogged Kovid’s status as one of the pioneers in the market. Sneha proudly exclaims, “Being bootstrapped, we gave a lot of thought about this big step but with good management and lots of patience, we were finally able to pull this project off”.

Success at the Cornerstone of Failures
Success is the successor of failures and no one knows this better than Sneha. In 2015, when the team had been working on

multiple analytics projects for two years, an opportunity presented a first-of-its-kind project in statistical analyses. Eager to diversify their portfolio, Sneha and her colleagues took on such projects without reinforcing themselves with apt client knowledge, contracts and measures to safeguard their interests. Such risks often lead to failures in early days. The team lost some revenue and some opportunities due to this. Though there were disappointments, Sneha converted them into lessons and continues to strive forward.“These experiences in dealing with people, handling problems, facing challenges and making decisions in the light of adversities have been extremely crucial in shaping my journey so far,” states Sneha. The dedication and hard work of the entire team is what complements Sneha's efforts and acumen in Kovid's success.

Though a 12-hour work schedule leaves her with little time, Sneha, along with Mandar often guide new entrepreneurs and start-ups. An avid reader, Sneha believes in the power of knowledge and if not working or being with her family, she can be found reading. Sneha’s journey as an entrepreneur has been possible solely due to the strong support system that her family has provided and continues to provide. Kovid is Sneha’s primary love and she enjoys every aspect of being an entrepreneur. “The sense of accomplishment and sense of responsibility that I experience daily as an entrepreneur is exhilarating and would advice every budding entrepreneur out there to not be bogged down by life’s adversities. There is no opportune moment to start something of your own, so the earlier you start, the better it will be,” concludes Sneha.

Key Management:
Sneha Sahasrabuddhe,Co-Founder
Harbouring innate industrial expertise and clubbing it with razor sharp business acumen & detail orientation, Sneha is one-of-a-kind entrepreneur who undertakes a step-by-step methodology to solve pertaining issues in the light of toughest adversities

Offerings:Clinical Data Management, Bioinformatics, NGS Data Analysis, Web Development & Software Support