Vidhi Shah: Learning on the Go

Vidhi Shah,Founder

Vidhi Shah


The allure of the startup culture has captured the imagination of youth across the country. Be it the perceived exciting nature of entrepreneurship, the appeal of being your own boss, or the zeal to contribute innovative solutions, the possibilities of a startup have entranced young Indians everywhere. Although many make plans, there are only a handful who actually follow through.

Some keep waiting for the right time, while some insist on first getting industry experience; the reasons to not startup can be a million, yet only one reason is enough to take the plunge. A doer by nature, Vidhi Shah decided to do away with the excuses and took a rather early plunge into starting a business of her own. At the age of 25, Vidhi founded Flying Pencil Creative Solutions, a brand communication company. She stated, “I believe work experience, while essential, isn’t crucial as long as you are willing to learn at every step of your journey. It is this belief that has powered my entrepreneurial trajectory, helping me scale new heights with each challenge”.

Armed with a master’s degree in communication and barely a year’s work experience, Vidhi founded Flying Pencil in 2011, with the objective to drive business growth for brands utilizing insightful, strategy-led creative solutions. Owing to a lack of experience in the business,the young organization in its initial days went through a phase of learning and relearning with every new offering and client. However, which turned-out to be Flying Pencil’s greatest strength because the team began doing things differently. This got noticed by clients and differentiated the firm from the competition. Ever since then, the organization has always prioritized innovative solutions that expand the scope of their offerings.

Having overcome the initial
challenges,Vidhi's firm has mastered the art of delivering seamless brand communication and marketing solutions derived through the team's combined work experience of more than a century across platforms from consumer behaviour, strategy, market tracking, content and creativity.

Insisting on looking at every situation in a positive light, Vidhi treats every day as a new learning experience

Taking the Plunge
Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, the desire to venture-out on her own was always strong in Vidhi. A calculated risk taker by nature, she founded a communications venture along with five other young marketers right after her post graduate, however, the venture did not thrive. Not deterred by the setback, it turned-out to be an advantage, since the members decided to divide assets equally. “The only asset we had were a few clients and everybody got one or two accounts. Consequently this move was the birth of Flying Pencil,” recounts the young entrepreneur.

Beyond the Vision
Founding Flying Pencil, Vidhi set a definitive aim for the company’s progress. She knew that at the core, the company would contribute new and innovative solutions for each of their clients, striving to walk the extra mile every time. However, it was more than just the vision that cemented the company’s growth. Following conception, it has been an uphill walk fueled by passion, determination, and an undying commitment to add value on every project.

A Thriving Bootstrapped Organization
Finding capital to keep a business-up and running is often a deterrent in the path of various startups. While many organizations scurry towards procuring funding, Vidhi insists on running a bootstrapped venture. Having received an initial financial push from her father and a few investments from time-to-time from close family, Flying Pencil has emerged as a self-sustained business.
“Since we are a bootstrapped company, which is growing every day, we have learned to value each of our achievements all the more. Today, Flying Pencil has not only penetrated many of the more competitive market segments, but we are looking to hire more experienced and talented individuals with an innovative bent of mind and a vision for tomorrow,” says Vidhi. While starting-out as a small firm has been a challenge, it has acted as a blessing in disguise. The team has grown on the foundation interdependence. Encouraging a culture of listening & responding, Vidhi says, “At Flying Pencil, we believe-in valuing each other’s opinions, always improving and evolving, maintaining consistency in decision making and valuing character alongside talent”.

Courageous yet Sagacious
The prolific businesswoman has mastered the art of marketing, but is still working towards learning the art of balancing work and life. Counting prioritizing, organization and delegation of work as challenging areas, Vidhi powers through life owing to her courageous and fearless attitude towards challenges, whether it’s her ability to take risks, or her unwavering faith in her vision. Counting her family and team as her strongest support system, she derives inspiration from their unconditional encouragement.

A strong believer-in the power of stepping out-of-the-box, hard work and building meaningful human connections, Vidhi believes, “Whether you are a peddler or the President, if you have these three on your side,you’ll be a success in your own right”.Encouraging budding entrepreneurs to not worry too much about experience, she advises them to first take the plunge and then figure out how to thrive.

Key Management:
Vidhi Shah, Founder
A marketer par excellence, Vidhi helps Flying Pencil add value to brands and drive business growth through insightful and strategy-led creativity. Having found the perfect balance between being a go-getter and planner,she is driving her company to deliver seamless brand and marketing solutions for more than half a decade.

Offerings: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Communication and Marketing Technology