Impact of organization culture on employee productivity

One primary factor for an employee to give consistent performance, is the work culture of the organisation, which shapes up the employee mindset eventually resulting in employee involvement one step ahead. In this context, when the culture of an organization is adaptive, it aids in boosting fellowship. With better intra and inter-team participation and collaboration, the organisation becomes identical to a well-oiled machine or perhaps even a 4 * 400-meter relay race, with effortless synergized functioning. It has been observed that organizations with an inclusive culture will have an array of staff looking to achieve not only their part of the business goals as specialists, but also ready to impart their knowledge and expertise to others within the organization, owing it to their sense of belonging.

Organisations that foster inclusivity, thereby bringing into being a positive mindset, involve its employees in playing the central role from beginning to end. Such organisations' it-is-our-problem-to-solve approach promotes camaraderie, thereby encouraging and energizing employees to come to work each day, helping them to be mentally healthy by fraternizing with co-employees, simultaneously enabling them to concentrate and think differently. By that means, it reduces attrition within the organisation. It also helps them in terms of work-life balance leading to a “happy family members” of an employee, which finally acts to the motivation level of an employee. In fact, unhappy employees are more likely to have more health issues, resulting in taking unplanned leaveswhich eventually impact the employees’ and overall productivity. On the other hand,inclusivity promotes openness and encourages employees to share not just their opinions, but also their concerns. No one feels left out. And because everyone has something to offer, it helps them to reflect on the reason of failure, should there be any,with multiple school of thoughts and varied point of views, thereby learning from the failures to set the path for success.

Culture of an organization is a top-down approach and is to be practiced at all levels. It sets the spirit of ‘no differentiation’ along with high productivity levels. Pumped-up performance is an outcome of the concept of employee engagement in company culture. The high-performance cultures very clearly outline behaviours and norms that are healthy and supportive. Employees clearly understand their culture and what is expected of them. They feel connected, involved, supported and hence engaged. It is the job of the leaders to ensure that culture and employee engagement are closely knit.

To improve employee engagement, the need to put in place effective communication channels within the organisation is to be evaluated. Promoting open feedback culture, where one feels free to express and is certain that instead of being reprimanded, one will be heard even if one has challenged the existing status quo, solves many problems.The solution provided, may be for the one/few who have raised concern, but the means adopted to solve the problemconvince lot many in the organisation.Also, engaged employees care not just about their work, but also about the overall performance of the organisation.

Open culture creates empowerment and ownership, boosts morale, acts as a motivational tool, helps the staff stay focussed, gives a clearnotion of systems and guidelines, avoids polaritywithin the organisation and helps employees deliver to the set expectations. The challenges of building and sustaining organizational culture is different for different organizations, more so with hybrid working models, different size of employees, the health of business, etc.However, culture build-up is like a long-term plan and one has to invest now – the benefits are manifold and assured; the seeds, despite all odds and challenges, need to be sown now to see the fauna.Else, organisations may fail to pass the test of time.

I am proud to say that I have been part of organisations with a growth culture mindset, where there has always been opportunity to learn, execute, attempt new projects, roles and the journey so far has been fantabulous and the culture has been like a wind behind and has helped in personal development as well.