The Rising Need of AI Health Tech for Employee Health & Wellness In The Long-Run

With over two decades experience in technology leadership, Anjan contributes to building and development of cross channel web applications and human resources technology products

In the passing years, AI has transformed lives and workplace wellness through its amplifying abilities. By stepping into the 21st century, you can see and feel the colossal changes or the impact of Healthcare technology that reassures humankind. However, it has made lives more manageable.

While other means of healthcare coverage some times become time-consuming and difficult. Companies trying to fulfill the demands of high-end to-end health tech solutions for employees seem to be more passion-driven, turning over to more immediate solutions.

We, at Vantage Fit, trust AI health tech for simple solutions to more complex problems related to any employee's physical or mental health issue. Technology indeed ensures successful treatment and increases motivation that bends an employee's career. However, guaranteeing a positive work culture. We are determined to enhance the corporate wellness experience of the century.

Impact Of Health Tech AI On Employee Wellness
The advent of healthcare technology brought a new era of corporate wellness. The modern workforce tends to rely more on technology for hassle-free healthcare solutions than physically visiting doctors or waiting for appointments in long queues. Health tech AI has opened the door to boundless opportunities for workplace wellness.

With the reportedly increasing number of employee's psychological health; stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, or any such events causing behavioral health tensions, technology provides a discretionary platform where they can share their thoughts or initiate conversations.

AI ensures employee's comfort to initiate conversations that are considered stigma with prompt responses. For those suffering from job stress or experiencing uneasiness with themselves and want to share disrupting thoughts, AI quickly perceives those expressions or emotions and responds accordingly.

Revolutionary AI chatbots have boosted and improved the accuracy of symptom detection and identification, preventive measures, post-recovery care, and feedback procedures for everyone. At the same time, you can ingrain it into your existing company benefits like the Employee Assistance Program or CBT counseling, customized by geography or employee cohort.

Health tech services for employees are not just limited to telehealth, fitness tracker, or pedometers. AI provides spiritual solutions for those seeking it, for instance, mind fulness, guided meditation or yoga, etc, including some best resources on employee wellness. And, at Vantage Fit, we try to integrate all the factors of the physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing for employees at best.

Behavioral health issues like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, sleep disorders, or insomnia affect employee well being significantly. They create more trouble for the professional side, including interactions with co-workers. The shortage of experts and licensed professionals in this field makes it worse. But, the development of AI-infused therapy aptly addresses this problem, leaving a positive impact on employee's overall wellness.

Ensuring effective communication and consistency, privacy, or hassle-free services, AI remains the future of healthcare technology. AI has changed the idea of workplace wellness, making it more convenient for employees' robustness.

How Are The Workplaces Getting Benefitted?
Moreover, employee demands have been evolving for over a decade. A modern-day workforce looks forward to a work culture that commits to health and well-being more than a loaded paycheck.

They look for a workplace that meets employee's emotional needs and satisfaction by creating a feasible environment to work. Providing employees the support for their physical and emotional well-being also solves issues like unexplained leaves, absenteeism and saves more time.

The role of technology in changing the future of work place wellness is vast. Employers can know their employees' health conditions using health analytics and take proactive steps and reduce healthcare costs in the long run.

AI technology has genuinely changed employees' lives suffering from chronic conditions by helping them with access to the sea of options, guided diagnosis, and action plans. Integrating healthcare technology into their lives has significantly bolstered employee performances, productivity, and higher retention at work.

Workplaces forging healthcare facilities are more recognized today for their efforts to inspire a modern-day workplace with a positive and pro-employee workplace to stay ahead of the game.

The Future Of The Workplace
The pandemic has a long-lasting impact on mental health globally it has increased the demand for mental health. And, the future of the workplace seems to be in jeopardy.

According to WHO, "COVID-19 estimates reveal that nearly one trillion US dollars in economic productivity is lost annually from depression and anxiety alone. However, studies show that every one dollar spent on evidence-based care for depression and anxiety returns five US dollars", "and nearly three-quarters reported at least partial disruptions to school and workplace mental health services (78 percent and 75 percent respectively)".

AI is changing the culture of work by improving employee experience. It provides solutions to remote workers as well. With the onset of 2020, things that used to be expected are no longer considered normal, whether in personal or professional life. A lot of things have changed in and around, even in the organizational culture.

But, besides shutting down companies or employees losing jobs, the primary threat was on health and wellness. The only way ahead for companies is by leveraging health tech solutions for employees to cope in difficult times.

Workplaces should not underestimate the fact that a company can move ahead only with a credential mindset and strategically helping employees to be in their best form at work. Vantage fit, keeps that intact!

Bottom Line
Charles Darwin quotes, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change".

Footing into the new world driven by cutting-head technology is level headed. Humans are becoming more advanced and more innovative, with tech-celeration pushing companies faster into the future. The same applies to the pyramid of healthcare services, technology, and companies across the globe.

Today, healthcare costs have been increasing to unsustainable levels. By the end of the year, both employees and employers will have to suffer the consequences.

The only holistic way out of this unhealthy lifestyle mess is by shifting to healthy habits and providing employees access to corporate wellness or employee wellness apps. This way, employees will also be able to look into the matters of Financial health.