Inboundsys: The Exclusive Commander of Indian Inbound Marketing Sphere

Thirumalesh Prasad CG,CEOPallavi was a typical fresher who didn't have any sharp blueprints about her future, but just a vague mind canvas filled with odds and sods of tomes. But this young tech-savvy breed always loved to explore and learn new things.The Inbound Marketing start-up, Inboundsys Web galaxy, which has made fresher-hiring a norm policy, handpicked this technology allured girl without researching her academic percentage or exceptional skill expertise, but with the courage to sculpture another professional. Here is today's Pallavi, an Inboundsys web developer, who asserts, "It's hard to get your dream job. But most people can and do enjoy their work if they can get personal satisfaction from it and do it in a pleasant environment. So if we've created the best workplace possible, the natural result of that is happy employees making customers happy, which usually has a positive effect on the bottom line and makes it easier to improve the work environment. That's a win all the way around, and it's exciting to keep that wheel rolling".

The open culture which fades the hierarchical boundaries, the untouched inbound technology training programs and the working-abroad routines of the company carves professional pearls like Pallavi."Happy employees mean happy customers.An active and positive environment where happy minds give their best each day to delight each customer thereby growing personally and contributing to company's growth is what Inboundsys is all about," asserts Thirumalesh Prasad C G, Founder & CEO, Inboundsys.

The Journey

Inboundsys kick-started its journey in September 2012 as a web development and digital marketing agency. But in an industry that asks
for'explosive-ideas' rather than the 'new-norm' ideas, the company could not make any clear-cut impacts in its sphere. Thus, as a by-product of this slip, it couldn't establish any of the 'magnetic'employment packages initially. However, the Bangalore-based company bounced back as a leader in inbound marketing, sales automation and web development technology with a customer-ecosystem involving some front role players of Europe and U.S. with its trademark product for marketing automation and sales platform - Hubspot. This platform adjoined some of the well-established organizations from Israel, Singapore and Australia to this ecosystem.

Inboundsys is an absolute youngster paradise where about 90 percent of the employees are bachelors who love to live their life in its intense.

Now, as our subcontinent's most experienced player of the less-explored inbound marketing fragment, Inboundsys 2.0 offers its workforce every facilities that a fatty MNC puts forward. Along with the industry norms such as PF, health insurance and women security assurance, the company has flexible working hours, zero-interest loan availability and an extended leave policy."If the time allows, we are fine with providing leaves as and when our team wants. And when it comes to benefits, Inboundsys is already planning to provide ESOP for those who stick with us at least for five years," adds Thiru.

Being the Lone Wolf

The digital marketing sector is something mountainous in the Americas and Europe, but as Indian soil left un touched, Inboundsys rule the Inbound Marketing sphere of India without a hefty competitor. Thus Inboundsys has changed its gear from a candidate-hunter to a workforce-selector, which culls its employees from large number of applicants who come through renowned institutions. The company often does campus drives to choose freshers with a vibrant attitude. As
an outcome of the uniqueness of the inbound technology that the company is dealing with, it must train the candidates regardless of their tech-experience.

"Best Place to showcase my talent to get recognized quickly. It's a company with a combination of learning + coaching + fun loving activities + path to achieve dreams + cosmic number of opportunities, which beat everything else,"says Ashwini G, HR Manager, Inboundsys. The company's clientele is predominantly located abroad, which opens up the doorway to enormous opportunities for its employees to reap the invaluable overseas working experience. Sharpening tools exhibited by the organization never end with this. "We frequently conduct hackathons to identify the masters within our company.Last month we had one, and the first prize given was an iPhone6S," adds Thiru.

The Family Fun Time

Inboundsys is an absolute youngster paradise where about 90 percent of the employees are bachelors who love to live their life in its intense. "In addition to the sports activities we conduct, we have dedicated 30 minutes for their soul refreshment, where our folks can mingle with each other and share the day's fun. Our office roof is an exclusive zone where we have a gym and other indoor sports," adjoins Thiru. With a handpicked workforce exposed to the arena of Inbound Marketing technologies where they can sculpture their own expertise, Inboundsys is marching forward, well aware of its roles in the war field.

Key Management:
Thirumalesh Prasad C G,Founder& CEO

A master in digital marketing segment and web technology with 14 years of industry experience, Thiru carved his expertise from some well-known organizations like Edgesoft and Puma Creative.

Offices: Bengaluru (Headquarter).

Offerings: Inbound Marketing, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Hubspot Integration, e-Commerce and Mobile App Development.