Online Security Globally vs. India

Hatem Naguib, SVP & GM Security Business, Barracuda Networks • The Current Security Environment Globally & in India
Having had the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world and coming to India, I have observed the level of digitisation and adoption of technology is very good here. The trend globally is this kind of a mass marketing of security attacks where historically these attacks would have been targeted on high profile companies, perhaps large corporations of financial services or other such lucrative companies. What we are seeing in the west, is that attacks are becoming much more common and mainstream. In the sense that, someone could get a Ransomware attack set up targeting to a few mid-market or small businesses and collect a few hundred dollars from this. This is now becoming a commonplace because more and more customers in the West are becoming in more digitised. Thus, the criminals are able to take advantage of that.

The second part of the attack that we see an increase of is in the U.S., and in the West are the attacks on social media. As more individuals become available on the social media, it becomes very easy to socially engineer a level of attack. It is much more directed, and establishes a level of trust and that can extract information or money from an individual at a very quick devastating level. Hence, we are seeing attacks increase on both businesses and individuals, where some body pretends to be somebody they know (probably they have some level of information that makes them somewhat familiar to them), and then requests that person to transfer the money or to provide important credentials. We see that happening in companies that focus on accounting or purchasing or IT. The challenge here is that it is very difficult to dissect these types of emails I think, the third area that is important to
recognize where India will play an important role is the fact that in the future, as manufacturing becomes more digitised, and more technology assets become digitized that were historically not, the importance of OT, IoT and security within that context will take on a higher level of focus from both corporations and from consumers.

• The Need for Security in Mobility & Cloud-connect Systems
There is an enormous amount of power and information that can be very helpful for customers when they use cloud connected devices. The problem is that many a time, security is an after thought, and that leaves the vulnerability of access to private information very high. But what is even worse is that we feel that some of these devices actually are being easily taken over and used as a part of the attack, to disrupt and cause all kinds of damage for businesses trying to do e-Commerce and others, because the security is very relaxed and not being delivered.

As manufacturing becomes more digitised, and more technology assets become digitized, the importance of OT, IoT and security within that context will take on a higher level of focus

• Global Cyber Threats & Evolving Stronger Remedies
Cyber threats are constantly evolving, which requires that consumers be especially vigilant in preventing such attacks. Polymorphic attacks continue to be highly effective as they have for many years. In that respect, it is highly difficult what the next type of attack will be. What is more important is to have the right type of defenses in place to deal with them effectively as they happen. This requires that customers protect themselves from all threats across all threat vectors.

• Ways to Keep your Data Safe
I think it’s important to look at all of the threat factors, and recognize that historically people would have looked simply at the network and the areas that they have to protect, and to create a walled garden and make sure that everything’s behind the walled garden is protected. Today, as more and more consumers share more information, and make that available in cloud connected ways, it is essential to offer a full portfolio of solutions that protect information, that protects and encrypts your technology that allows anything that’s internet facing.

We have the capability to identify when certain attacks occur on specific products, and we are updating that global intelligence network with information that will protect other customers in case of an attack. We have invested immensely in machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to be able to identify and be able to dissect that information for our customers. So, for many of our customers in India, if there is an attack happening they will get the benefit of being able to protect themselves from that, and they will be able to immediately add the appropriate levels of security capabilities.